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Indigo Report from Japan

INDIGO The traditional art of dyeing indigo threads and weaving the textile is thriving in Japan. Read the entire article on the Blue and White blog posted on December 6, 2017: Consider the Lowly Thread From its humble origins as a cotton boll, its fibers are plucked and stretched and twisted into multi-ply threads that are stripped down to single ply then twisted into strands to make a sturdier thread for weaving and stitching, […]

Sashiko: Beyond Blue+White

Get Creative with COLORED THREADS!   Traditional Japanese designs are stitched in white thread on an indigo blue background. An alternative to classic Blue+White is stitching with colored threads: DMC #5 Perle Cotton has a distinctive twist and a gloss finish.  Olympus Sashiko thread is available in many colors.  Both companies offer variegate colors. Sashiko thread should be used directly from the skein. Both Olympus and DMC Perle Cotton should be used as a single-strand, […]

Sashiko Shirt

Sashiko – Not Your Silk Kimono Japan

SASHIKO The origins of sashiko stitching were the women on farms and in fishing villages who mended, patched and quilted textiles. When I teach workshops, I wear this peasant shirt to help make my point that sashiko is Not Your Silk Kimono Japan.