Cactus Cross Stitch from DMC

Cactus Cross Stitch from DMC Stitching cactus is all the rage!   Several Etsy shops offer cross stitch cactus patterns:                            StitcheryStitch      HAPPINESST      Redwork Saguaro from Design Whiz   &  Needlepoint canvas by artist Snake Jagger            This collection of prickly patterns to cross stitch is FREE to download now from DMC

Sashiko Cactus

Cactus Window Garden

NEW!  Sashiko Border – Cactus Window Garden My husband has about a hundred cactus in his collection. Some are large clumps he’s planted in the back yard. Others are exotic jungle cactus and plants that can’t over-winter in our Albuquerque climate. Most people are familiar with suguaro cactus. They are tall with many arms and large white flowers in the spring. Suguaros are often seen in photos, giving the impression that they are fairly common.  Not true!  The […]

Two New Cactus Designs

Now there are six cactus designs to choose from! All are pre-printed on indigo KONA cotton –                     The most popular cactus quilt block is a stylized version of the opuntia cactus:  “After Flowers the Fruit”  The opuntia is one of the most widespread types of cactus and is familiar to most people. The plants are hardy and become a formidable barrier when planted in a large group. […]