Windham Fabics

NEW 2018 – Western themed fabrics from Windham

NEW from Windham Fabrics Wonderful southwest designs on new Windham Fabrics will be in the stores this spring. THUNDER SPIRIT and ADOBE are perfect complements to Sashiko Southwest blocks. Designs from MIMBRES Pottery with ADOBE prints. (Mimbres blocks available on Brown, Red-Brown and classic Indigo fabric) ADOBE                    Fabric Gallery > Adobe        This collection by Whistler Studios brings realistic southwestern scenery and artifacts to life. Create a desert themed […]

Sashiko: Beyond Blue+White

Get Creative with COLORED THREADS!   Traditional Japanese designs are stitched in white thread on an indigo blue background. An alternative to classic Blue+White is stitching with colored threads: DMC #5 Perle Cotton has a distinctive twist and a gloss finish.  Olympus Sashiko thread is available in many colors.  Both companies offer variegate colors. Sashiko thread should be used directly from the skein. Both Olympus and DMC Perle Cotton should be used as a single-strand, […]

Victoria Findlay Wolfe workshop

Victoria Findlay Wolfe came to Albuquerque in June 2015 to sign books and lead workshops… thank you Albuquerque Modern Quilt Guild and Hip Stich for making this happen! If you get a chance to attend a “15 Minutes of Play” workshop – DO IT! The process of creating ‘made fabric’ (Victoria’s words) is definitely fun and inspiring.      

Nancy Eha

Workshop w/NANCY EHA: The Bead Queen

Workshop w/NANCY EHA: The Bead Queen           Sashiko with Bugle Beads! Workshop w/Nancy Eha. She came all the way from Stillwater, Minnesota to share her beading techniques and expertise with New Mexico quilters and beaders. One of her techniques is stitching sashiko designs with bugle beads.  Imagine sewing a running stitch, attaching a bugle bead the size of your stitch and you’ve got the idea. The Bead Society of New Mexico sponsored a […]


Quilt Blocks w/ SW Pottery Designs

PREVIEW of new designs:  Six quilt blocks silk-screened on four colors of KONA cotton with southwest designs inspired by MIMBRES pottery. Mimbres means “willows” in Spanish and is the name given to a cottonwood- and willow-lined rivers in southwestern New Mexico. The very spectacular pottery found in and around the Mimbres Valley also came to be called Mimbres, and the name was soon applied to the people who made the pottery.  You can read more […]


Quilt Blocks – Mimbres Images from Nature

MIMBRES POTTERY designs were influenced by the natural environment in southwestern New Mexico. Photo Credits:FISH: US Department of the Interior – MOTH: JACK RABBIT: US Fish & Wildlife – HUMMINGBIRD: NPS photo by Sally King – ANTELOPE: U.S. Fish & Wildlife – TORTOISE: NPS photo by Robb Hannawacker         

Monarch butterfly migration

Flight of the Butterflies – Sashiko Block

Native American peoples have myths and legends about butterflies.  Here are a few: Butterflies played a part in the Creation myth of Pueblo tribes in southeastern Arizona and northwest Mexico. It is said that the Creator gathered the most beautiful colors from all living things and placed them in a bag that he gave to the children. When they opened the bag, colored butterflies flew out singing. Why don’t butterflies sing today? Legend says the song […]