Indigo Report from Japan

INDIGO The traditional art of dyeing indigo threads and weaving the textile is thriving in Japan. Read the entire article on the Blue and White blog posted on December 6, 2017: Consider the Lowly Thread From its humble origins as a cotton boll, its fibers are plucked and stretched and twisted into multi-ply threads that are stripped down to single ply then twisted into strands to make a sturdier thread for weaving and stitching, […]

Utagawa Kuniyoshi Ukio-e printmaker ca. 1797-1861


The distinctive blue dye called INDIGO BLUE … is made by fermenting the leaves of the native indigo weed in a vat with an enzyme called indimulsin. The process requires hours of draining and moving the fermenting plant matter to other tanks, stirring in oxygen and allowing a period for the dye to rest and set. Eventually the powdered dye is formed into blocks that are later reconstituted with water to color fabrics. The wood […]