Ancient Cultures

Ancient Cultures emerged in the southwest region around 300 B.C.  The communities were based on farming, hunting and gathering. The peoples included the Anasazi, who erected cliff houses in northern Arizona and New Mexico, Utah and Colorado; the Hohokam, who dug complex irrigation systems in central Arizona; and the Mogollon, who hunted and farmed along the rivers of western New Mexico and eastern Arizona.  Designs on the Ancient Cultures embroidery blocks were inspired by images on artifacts from these cultures (pottery, textiles and baskets).  The designs are stamped on 100% cotton KONA fabric. No transfers required. The stitch-length guide lines were printed in wash-out ink. Simply hand embroider the samplers with a running stitch. This technique is called sashiko in  Japan – pronounced (SAH-SHEE-KOH). The completed 12″ x 12″ squares (plus seam allowance) can be pieced into a quilt or an applique onto pillows, jackets and other clothing.

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