Sashiko: Beyond Blue+White

Get Creative with COLORED THREADS!


Stamped sashiko quilt blocks with southwest designs pre-printed on indigo KONA 100% cotton fabric

Traditional Japanese designs are stitched in white thread on an indigo blue background.

An alternative to classic Blue+White is stitching with colored threads: DMC #5 Perle Cotton has a distinctive twist and a gloss finish.  Olympus Sashiko thread is available in many colors.  Both companies offer variegate colors.

Sashiko thread should be used directly from the skein.

Both Olympus and DMC Perle Cotton should be used as a single-strand, as opposed to embroidery floss which has six (6) loosely twisted strands that are meant to be separated.

 A detailed article on different types of thread is available on Nordic Needles materials guide.