Spines & Flowers – Indigo Quilt Block KIT – Desert Garden Cactus


Protecting Beauty – Sashiko Kit – Desert Garden Cactus

KIT with Thread & Needles

FABRIC :     KONA© Brand
FIBER:        100% cotton
COLOR:       Indigo
SIZE:            14” x 14”
SIZE:            12” X 12”
PRINT:        USA – Silkscreen Washout Ink
KIT includes
THREAD:      White Off-White  Olympus Brand – 20m
NEEDLES:     Olympus Brand  –  2 pack
Also available as a Quilt Block without thread & needles



Spines & Flowers – Sashiko KIT – Desert Garden Cactus

Cactus spines help prevent water loss by reducing air flow close to the cactus and provide some shade. But the most obvious function of cactus spines are to protect the plant from predators. There are some reports that ancient peoples used cactus thorns for fishing hooks and sewing needles.