Father Sky + Mother Earth


Sashiko panel with two designs pre-printed on Kona® indigo cotton  (9″ x 28″).

FINISHED PANEL:  8″ wide x 26″ long (perfect for a table runner).

OR / Cut the panel for two finished blocks:   8″  x  12 1/2″


Sashiko Panel:


Inspired by Navajo Sandpaintings

Sashiko panel with two designs inspired by Navajo sandpaintings and rugs.  Designs are pre-printed on indigo KONA cotton.

Navajo Indians sand painting, March 26, 1941, at the exhibition Indian Art of the United States. Photographic Archive. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York. Photo: Eliot Elisofon

The Navajo word for sandpaintings means “place where the gods come and go.”  Sandpainting has been used for centuries in religious rituals, including healing ceremonies
performed by medcine men. Sandpaintings for ceremonies are made on the ground inside the ceremonial hogan and destroyed at the end of the ritual.

In the late 1940’s Navajos began creating permanent sandpaintings for the public, but changed the design slightly to protect the religious significance.

Image result for Navajo sandpainting in museums

Image result for Navajo father sky mother earth in museumsSandpainting weavings were introduced by Hasteen Klah in rugs in the 1920’s & 30’s.




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