Sashiko Thread – DMC Perle (Pearl) Cotton

#5 weight            27 yards

Seven (7) Colors available from Sashiko Southwest


Sashiko Thread – DMC Perle (Pearl) Cotton #5

A popular alternative to OLYMPUS thread is DMC #5 Perle (Pearl) Cotton produced in France. This 100% cotton thread has a gloss finish and a distinctive twist. A thorough article on different types of thread is available on Nordic Needles materials guide.

DMC & Olympus threads should be used directly from the skein.

Both Olympus sashiko thread and DMC Perle Cotton should be used in a single-strand, as opposed to embroidery floss which has six (6) loosely twisted strands that are meant to be separated.

ORDER Today:   Seven (7) DMC Perle Thread colors from Sashiko Southwest:

DMC Perle #5 – Med Pink DMC-352
DMC Perle #5 – Pale Pink DMC-353
DMC Perle YELLOW #743
DMC Perle #5 – Yellow DMC-743
DMC Perle #5 – Dk Pink DMC-3326

 DMC Perle Cotton





DMC Perle #5 – Brt Green DMC #470

DMC Perle #5 – Variegated Lt Blue DMC-93
DMC Perle #5 – Variegated Yellow/Orange DMC-51

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DMC Perle Cotton

"#5 weight"

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